From the Managers Desk

From the Managers Desk

Spring is in the air and it is so exciting when the days are amazing and the nights still good for sleeping.  It is good to see residents out and about in their gardens once again and getting in to the spirit of spring cleaning their beautiful homes.

Those residents who get gas delivered to their home, can now get a rebate for their gas from the Government.  Forms are available in the office.

Do you need help or Information about NBN and options for Plans?  Or even a better price?  Do you need help navigating a mobile Plan or buying a new phone, or setting up your Mobile phone? All these services are free of charge. Come along and have a listen and ask questions. Nicole Bourne who is an Essential Services Consultant is willing to  come out to the Community Hall and assist anyone.  She can also compare package deals with what you have at the moment and  show residents what they can save.  If any residents are interested in seeing what Nicole can do for them, please let me know at the office and a morning will be set aside at the Hall for those that wish to take this opportunity.

Bingo Buffs – Bingo is starting back of a Saturday (except for the first Saturday of each month) for a 1.30 pm start, commencing 10th September.

A very warm welcome to our newest Resident, Marie McCarthy.  I noticed Marie attending our Curry Night, so that was wonderful for her to be involved and a good way for her to be introduced to other lovely residents.

Until next time,

Vicky & John.