Handy Hints

hacks and handy hints

Avoid paint splatter on window panes by coating with undiluted liquid detergent and allowing to dry for a day before painting.  If splatter do occur they will wipe off easily.

Hardened paint on paintbrushes – can be softened by placing in a container of hot vinegar for 30 minutes.

Loosen tight screws in old wood by dripping a little vinegar on their heads.  When the vinegar penetrates the thread they will be easier to unscrew.

Repair an imbalanced ceiling fan by clipping a clothes peg midway along the leading edge of each blade, one at a time then turning the fan on to a low speed to see if the added weight stops the wobble, when successful, replace the peg with an adhesive backed lead-weighted tape.

Squeaky floorboards – use talcum powder in the cracks between floorboards to stop squeaks.  Fix loose floorboards that squeak with a hammer and use a nail punch to drive down nails.  If this doesn’t work, drill holes next the nails and fix boards with counter-sunk head screws.

Stiff windows – apply surf board wax where sash rides in the channel.

Stop doors squeaking by either dripping some olive oil onto hinges, sprinkling with talcum powder or rubbing with dry soap.

Stop nails bending with nailing into wood by lubricating first by driving nail through a cake of soap.  If you have a tendency to oily hair you can also try rubbing first through your hair.

To remove wall paper add a good tablespoon of baking soda to a bucketful of water or hot water containing vinegar.  Dip a paint roller or large sponge into the solution and soak the paper thoroughly.  After a couple of applications the wallpaper should peel off easily.

Identify your luggage with something unique.  If you’re suitcase is a common design and colour, decorate it with a large sticker or a piece of brightly coloured ribbon tied around the handle.